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Find the best endgame sequence

  Should be posting games from Millennium Cup soon – watch this space!

Find the best play…


(click to enlarge) Find the best endgame sequence.

Solution: ventriloQUIZing

The quiz is here, and the results of the Quackle simulation I did are on the right. At first, it seems like playing ENJ(O)Y 15H for 57 points keeping DIW is quite a good choice, as it provides good score and leave. However, I feel that while the rack is decent, the W does not […]


(click to enlarge picture) What’s your move on this one? I’m sure most players would be spoilt for choice here…

Attempt this one

(click to enlarge picture) This is one of my endgames against Victor Chua on ISC. Can you find a win? (BTW: I’m using the new Blogger Post Editor which allows this text-beside-picture thing. Pretty neat, I must say.)


Here’s a position I got from today while playing the kids: (click to enlarge) Any decent player would be able to see 14B RUMBLE (28) or 5K BREN (32), but each of these would open up triple word scores that might allow counter-scoring. There is one move, however, that avoids all these careless openings, and […]