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Quick Update

It’s reading week, so I am doing the necessary travelling, with friends this time! Am now in Vienna for the night, having spent the day in Bratislava. Will have a couple of days to look around before the Scrabble tourney starts on Saturday (event page, will update with a link to follow results!) The […]

Phonying and Challenging

So I wrote an article on phonying a while ago – it was meant for The Scrabble Players Handbook as a counterpoint to Ed Martin’s article on phonies, but feedback to the article has not been forthcoming, despite a number of reminders. I gather that the team’s mostly busy with the publicity efforts, so I’ve […]

WYSC Pictures

Blogging from Nürnberg, where my housemates and I are waiting for our train to Munich. We’ve had a great time so far. I’ve always been rather supportive of this event; because of my participation in the first two iterations of the tournament, and also because I feel it is generally a good experience to young players. […]

Prague Pictures

Scrabble players usually don’t have much time to go way out for food (the Prague tourney was a bit of an exception with 1.5 hour lunch breaks, but we took a while to get used to it). We had most of our meals at a Thai fusion cafe called Yam Yam. It was rather tasty, […]

Brief Scrabble Report – MSI Prague

Can’t seem to start on my homework, so I guess I’ll do this instead. The Tournament It’s always nice to play in an international tourney for its atmosphere – I’m one who enjoys talking about games, moves and words in general so I don’t think I’ll get tired of the scene anytime (or is it […]


In Prague now, doing fairly above expectations for the tournament (and playing surprisingly OK). I’m thoroughly enjoying the fatigue and the mad rush. The above picture was taken in Stansted Airport – our flight got delayed (technical problem) so we waited in the plane for an hour and back at the terminal for another hour. […]


I’ve gotten off Facebook, at least for now. It was a bit of a whimsical decision (taken in less than a day) but I did want to escape the tiresome (I did use a better word to describe my feelings, also starting with T, but my post got deleted and I cannot remember it now) […]