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Grandeur 8 Mini Report

I must say that after my fortunate win at Bishan Heights last month, I harboured some hopes of qualifying for Causeway Premier Division – it would certainly have been an honour to play in that division, whatever the result. I needed to win this tourney with a high number of wins to have any chance […]

SA News & more

The latest edition of SA News has been rather well-received, a very positive sign for things to come. However, a lot remains before the next edition is ready (I’m hoping mid to end October, but we are lacking some important content at the moment). I’m not entirely sure how having a good publication will eventually […]

More Practick

In a follow-up from this post, I’m relooking the WYSC criteria for this year (the WSC criteria has been changed to what I believe is a more accurate representation of each player’s ability). The most critical part of the rules this time are: 3. has played at least 24 rated games from end of WYSC […]

Some interesting/ puzzling rating gaps in SA

Between players who have played within the last 1 year… 1 GM Wee Ming Hui, Hubert 764 2013 16 May 2010   (Life) 2 GM Purnomo, Ricky 994 1973 7 Mar 2010   Dec 2010 =12 GM Goh Jiang Pern 805 1841 24 Jan 2010   Dec 2010 =12 NM Chua Kim Loong, Victor 658 […]

A roundup of Singapore Scrabble 2009: Masters Division

Note that these lists are compiled with the exclusion of non-SA members. Top rating gainers (Initial 1600 and above)1. Ricky PurnomoStart of year: 1751End of year: 1980 (+229)2. Michael TangStart of year: 1763End of year: 1896 (+133)3. Liew Kian BoonStart of year: 1861End of year: 1943 (+82)4. Shim Yen NeeStart of year: 1778End of year: […]


I’m still not sure if I’ll be allowed to go for the WSC, but anyway this is the (playing) schedule that I have set up for myself irregardless of whether I qualify:– Practice at JGCC/ TPY (TPY unlikely) whenever free (min 4 games), perhaps with 1 week break every 3 weeks– Practice at any other […]

Pre-CSW vs CSW

I am very interested to see what impact the introduction of CSW has on gameplay, so I did a little statistical study a few days ago – posting the results today. I did the study on 15 local players who play rather regularly here – and I excluded all non-members (because it is not easy […]

An eclectic selection

I was recently browsing through the Australian Scrabble website when some differences (between the Australian association and our own) caught my attention – and are probably worth a mention. Note that I might have made a few factual errors here so please feel free to point them out. Looking back at the 2008 Australian Nationals […]

7 new GMs this year?

In addition to the two new GMs this year, how about 5-6 more before the year ends? (Ben Chow, somewhere on 1880+) 4 NM Chua Kim Loong, Victor 462 1890 19 Oct 2008 +24 Dec 2008 =5 *NM Lim Li Wei 323 1884 28 Sep 2008 Jul 2009 =5 **NM Prudencio, Marlon 258 1884 19 […]

After going through the PA games…

I think in order for Singapore to do somewhat good at Causeway this year (i.e. not to drop out), our premier team should consist of any 5 of these players, the closer to the top, the better (in order of my preference): – Hubert– Cheah– Tony– JP– Ben– Andy– Marlon– Guo Cong– Kian Boon– Alpha– […]