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Maven and its analytical discontents

I stumbled upon this article written by the late Pete Finlay about the Scrabble analysis program Maven. I’ve never had or used Maven, and don’t know much about it. However, I have always regarded it as a significant development in terms of computer analysis – to this date, there are players who still believe in […]

Where I am in Scrabble now

So, I’ve been playing this game for about 10 years, with about 7-8 fairly active years from 2006-present. I never imagined myself playing continuously for so many years. A few years back, I asked Marlon (Prudencio) how long he’d been playing Scrabble for, and his reply “7-8 years” at that time struck me as being […]

Mostly disorganised

Travel and Life in London, in that order So I really did enjoy every moment out of London – Vienna is really a place everyone needs to visit in Europe, to experience old European hospitality (I mean this – some waiters appeared TOO experienced, dispensing “bitte schön” as a tired mutter), see their rather tasteful […]

Phonying and Challenging

So I wrote an article on phonying a while ago – it was meant for The Scrabble Players Handbook as a counterpoint to Ed Martin’s article on phonies, but feedback to the article has not been forthcoming, despite a number of reminders. I gather that the team’s mostly busy with the publicity efforts, so I’ve […]

Nicols and Lamina

A very good writeup from bricap’s livejournal here. I’m not on CGP so I’m pretty sure I’ve missing out on quite a lot from this debate – but I think Brian’s views as a top-level TWL/ CSW player carry much weight. Read the comment from wallydraigle (Kenji, another top-level TWL player) too – I’m not […]

Singapore Open 2010

Am not writing this from my home computer, so I have limited access to things – This is a really interesting position which I got from my last game on day 1 against Quek, even with the seemingly boring rack. What’s special about this is that my move this turn is a response to his […]

Grandeur 8 Mini Report

I must say that after my fortunate win at Bishan Heights last month, I harboured some hopes of qualifying for Causeway Premier Division – it would certainly have been an honour to play in that division, whatever the result. I needed to win this tourney with a high number of wins to have any chance […]