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Alchemist Cup 2018 – A Travelogue & Personal Reflection

One of the most eagerly anticipated events in the 2018 tournament calendar – the Alchemist Cup – was held in Penang, Malaysia, from 5 to 9 Dec 2018. The invitational team event featured 10 teams of 5 players, competing in a 45-game round-robin (i.e. each player gets to play every other player from opposing teams once) […]


“Like all autocracies, the Mubarak government understood the power of a true public square, of a place where citizens meet, mingle, promenade, gather, protest, perform and share ideas; it understood that a true midan—Arabic for public square—is a physical manifestation of democracy. A truly public Midan al-Tahrir would have been feared as a threat to regime […]

Where I am in Scrabble now

So, I’ve been playing this game for about 10 years, with about 7-8 fairly active years from 2006-present. I never imagined myself playing continuously for so many years. A few years back, I asked Marlon (Prudencio) how long he’d been playing Scrabble for, and his reply “7-8 years” at that time struck me as being […]

Mostly disorganised

Travel and Life in London, in that order So I really did enjoy every moment out of London – Vienna is really a place everyone needs to visit in Europe, to experience old European hospitality (I mean this – some waiters appeared TOO experienced, dispensing “bitte schön” as a tired mutter), see their rather tasteful […]

Quick Update

It’s reading week, so I am doing the necessary travelling, with friends this time! Am now in Vienna for the night, having spent the day in Bratislava. Will have a couple of days to look around before the Scrabble tourney starts on Saturday (event page, will update with a link to follow results!) The […]

WYSC Pictures

Blogging from Nürnberg, where my housemates and I are waiting for our train to Munich. We’ve had a great time so far. I’ve always been rather supportive of this event; because of my participation in the first two iterations of the tournament, and also because I feel it is generally a good experience to young players. […]

Prague Pictures

Scrabble players usually don’t have much time to go way out for food (the Prague tourney was a bit of an exception with 1.5 hour lunch breaks, but we took a while to get used to it). We had most of our meals at a Thai fusion cafe called Yam Yam. It was rather tasty, […]

Brief Scrabble Report – MSI Prague

Can’t seem to start on my homework, so I guess I’ll do this instead. The Tournament It’s always nice to play in an international tourney for its atmosphere – I’m one who enjoys talking about games, moves and words in general so I don’t think I’ll get tired of the scene anytime (or is it […]


In Prague now, doing fairly above expectations for the tournament (and playing surprisingly OK). I’m thoroughly enjoying the fatigue and the mad rush. The above picture was taken in Stansted Airport – our flight got delayed (technical problem) so we waited in the plane for an hour and back at the terminal for another hour. […]

Games #42 and #43

The end of the series, at long last. Badly played last game. Play games 19 and 20 of Millennium Cup here and here! Feel free to examine and criticise!