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Alchemist Cup 2018 – A Travelogue & Personal Reflection

One of the most eagerly anticipated events in the 2018 tournament calendar – the Alchemist Cup – was held in Penang, Malaysia, from 5 to 9 Dec 2018. The invitational team event featured 10 teams of 5 players, competing in a 45-game round-robin (i.e. each player gets to play every other player from opposing teams once) […]

Some Pictures from China

This was my first trip to China, and it was a bit of a culture shock, not only because of its obvious differences with Singapore, but also because of its similarities which run below skin-deep. This was especially dislocating for me, considering how I was brought up in a supposedly Chinese school, but with woefully little […]


It’s been a busy month, and I don’t have the time to write full posts yet, but I’ll share a snippet from each trip so far. Yasser-Arafat Square, Ramallah, Palestine. I’m so glad I went to Israel. Unsuccessfully defending my Scottish Open title in Edinburgh. Had a wonderful time, but was unsettled by the post-tournament […]

Post-Exam Part I – a bit more of London

This post documents some of my post-exam travel in London. I followed a strictly chronological order, so the geography is a little messy. I originally wrote a lot more than I did but eventually decided to be lazy and let the pictures speak for themselves, adding a number of captions here and there. Click through […]

The calm before the storm

Uh, so I have fallen into the habit of not updating during my free periods and updating just before crunch periods. Tomorrow is my final paper, and the closer you get to your final paper, the worse you feel (it’s a bit like the final Lit paper at the end of the A Levels, 2008. […]

How not to travel?

This article has recently resurfaced on social media (such is the power of social media – the article was written in 2010, but it has received all of its comments over the past few days), and has invited much criticism over its arguably biased and ‘Western-centric’ view of Singapore. As a Singaporean I broadly agree […]

Two (contrasting?) portraits of the DPRK

First, the controversial BBC Panorama feature. Panorama is a television programme known for taking on the ‘investigative journalist’ tack – the only other Panorama show I’ve watched so far is its feature on disgraced DJ and television presenter Jimmy Savile (which had its share of controversies). Unsurprisingly, this documentary is very critical of the DPRK. […]

An Overdue Croatia in Pictures

I had an effective four days to spend in Croatia. Four days is not enough time to travel in a country, much less Croatia. Here’s why: Croatia is crescent-shaped, which makes ideas like ‘a day trip to Dubrovnik from Zagreb’ sound ridiculous. In fact, this was the most ill-planned leg of my journey. When I […]

the stars (are out tonight)

Haven’t had much time to update in general – so this is going to be a long one. I realise I tend to share very little information with people in general – I don’t like blowing my own trumpet, or boring people with my (not necessarily very relevant) personal thoughts, and generally think too much […]

Mostly disorganised

Travel and Life in London, in that order So I really did enjoy every moment out of London – Vienna is really a place everyone needs to visit in Europe, to experience old European hospitality (I mean this – some waiters appeared TOO experienced, dispensing “bitte schön” as a tired mutter), see their rather tasteful […]