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It’s been a busy month, and I don’t have the time to write full posts yet, but I’ll share a snippet from each trip so far. Yasser-Arafat Square, Ramallah, Palestine. I’m so glad I went to Israel. Unsuccessfully defending my Scottish Open title in Edinburgh. Had a wonderful time, but was unsettled by the post-tournament […]

There are the big problems, and there are the smaller ones

Israel’s vineyards: the West Bank grapes of wrath

Needs to be read with a strong dose of morbid optimism

“When teen suicide was on the rise in the 1970s and 1980s, society was stung by the conclusion that something must be wrong with the way we live, because our children don’t want to join us. The question today is different, but just as unsettling. With people relinquishing life at its supposed peak, what does […]

The calm before the storm

Uh, so I have fallen into the habit of not updating during my free periods and updating just before crunch periods. Tomorrow is my final paper, and the closer you get to your final paper, the worse you feel (it’s a bit like the final Lit paper at the end of the A Levels, 2008. […]

Two (contrasting?) portraits of the DPRK

First, the controversial BBC Panorama feature. Panorama is a television programme known for taking on the ‘investigative journalist’ tack – the only other Panorama show I’ve watched so far is its feature on disgraced DJ and television presenter Jimmy Savile (which had its share of controversies). Unsurprisingly, this documentary is very critical of the DPRK. […]

Pictures/ Video of Black Summer gig @ The Lexington

So I was lucky enough to win a Facebook random ticket giveaway to an otherwise sold-out Efterklang gig at The Lexington last night, just 2 hours before the start of the concert – not too bad, since The Lexington’s within walking distance from my place! Efterklang are an experimental pop band (if I can give […]

Evernote and the demise of Google Reader

Edit: I’ve now changed my blog design, and it’s now much more readable for those without RSS aggregators – yay! I admit I was slightly devastated when I received the news that Google Reader was shutting down. I’ve always relied on RSS feed aggregators as a source of information for two reasons – they allow me to […]