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SCGS Campfire, Venture Activity and Alternate Batch Theory

Amazingly, we got “most enthusiastic” for the SCGS campfire yesterday. Don’t think we worked that hard for it (considering that we had people going for the campfire in school uniform) but we still managed to get it somewhat (thanks to everyone who took the effort to make it). Nothing much to be proud of anyway… […]

Venture Activity: DOTA

Hm. Apparently there are some others who do read my blog. Though I’m not sure who does, really. Maybe MR. LOH reads this =/ (oh I haven’t done your homework by the way). Shall use up 1-2 paragraphs on Venture Activity. This Venture Activity was the slackest in my whole life. Basically, I can say […]

Troop Camp 06

Contrary to what some people have said, I think the PLC 06 has done a relatively fine job (actually quite a great job), considering the amount of effort they put in. Watching them burnt out at night was probably a telling factor in this observation. I admit, its quite hard for a 10-people batch to […]


ACS(I) Gangshow just passed, and sorry to say I’m losing my interest in campfires/ gangshows (not to say the ACS(I) Gangshow sucked or anything, I think it was rather well done). Let me tell you why. 1. Purpose of campfire One basic purpose for campfires is entertainment. To say the truth, I’ve never really been […]

Venture Activity – Ropecourse, PT and VNH Report

Firstly, changed my blog template, so now its more readable (like Zhou Kang and Qian Xiang’s). Noticed the text for the previous entries were VERY small, were all centralised plus people would read the topmost one, which means if I post very late at night and update it in the afternoon, many readers would miss […]

Venture Activity: Venture Night Hike

To say the least, Venture Night Hike was tiring. So tired that I got home and slept (even without having a bath that’s disgusting). It was rather cool anyway, and I learnt a few things from this hike. 5 important takeaways:1. Some taxi drivers are a little insaneAt our 5th checkpoint, I think we had […]


Note to PLC 06: In case you think I defamed you in any way, please re-read my entry (I’ve now deleted it because . I did say MSN nicknames might be a way to “act cool”, but I never said your nicknames never depicted reality. In fact I think your PLC’s cohesiveness is remarkable, maybe […]

Venture Activity: Orienteering

This activity was held at Sime Road and was it a test? If so I hope all passed. Next week will be Venture Night Hike, so I hope Mr. Tok Wei Min and Guan Hui can join me in saying “No!” to homework =D Am so tired now I can just lie down and sleep […]

Venture Activity: Ropecourse

Hey all readers, Venture activity was quite enjoyable today. We did ropecourse: comprising vertical rope XD, horizontal rope =( and lifeline =/. We also received our Venture Jerseys, which look really gay (especially if we walk in groups) but are rather cool nonetheless. Passed only vertical rope, but that was expected, I always do well […]

Being an ASL/AVSL

If I do get my PSA and ace my fitness as an officer (rather impossible but let’s consider this prospect) I’d be an AVSL. If not, I would rather be an ASL. To me, being an AVSL entails much more than just coming for the Venture activity. It involves the planning and the responsibility for […]