“I wonder why I was like that. I wonder what it was inside me that made me like that… and I can see even at fourteen and I was beginning to get more subdued and I was putting a lot more thought into what I was saying to a ridiculous degree… and probably when I […]

“The Stranger is the person who renews his Residence Permit. He fills out forms and buys the stamps for them. He has to constantly come up with evidence and proofs. He is the one who always asked” “And where are you from, brother?” Or he is asked: “Are summers hot in your country?” He does […]

I hardly post on here anymore (too many thoughts and too little time!), but there’s something worth sharing here: The Landscape of Murder – Antonio Olmos’s photographs of London murder sites. Don’t be put off by the taboo subject – it is quite a powerful video, with a somewhat different message from the description on the […]

Last week in Singapore!

This was my first trip to China, and it was a bit of a culture shock, not only because of its obvious differences with Singapore, but also because of its similarities which run below skin-deep. This was especially dislocating for me, considering how I was brought up in a supposedly Chinese school, but with woefully little […]

“The day you were lucky enough to get a basin of eggs, you also watched a long line of strangers eyeing you with jealousy, even hatred. You were not who you were, but what you were rationed to be.” – Hope in a Thin Shell, Yiyun Li